Seven days and seven nights
to inaugurate a New World through a tribute to life.

An epic festival where words and pathos will unexpectedly and creatively mix, while the moon chases the sun.
Every evening and every night will be devoted to the celebration of life in its most emotive aspects, both tribal and spiritual, through music, songs and dance.
The daytime will be devoted to activities aiming to lay the groundwork for the building of a new world: philosophical and scientific
discussions, on logical and constructive basis, taking place during lectures, round tables, workshops and debates.
Each day will focus on one or more of the fundamental topics related to the development of an alternative and desirable way of living.
Wide open spaces will host stands, stages, convention spaces and performing art areas in order to encourage a continuous exchange of knowledge, technologies, visions, experiences and projects. A wide variety of refreshment areas will be proposing genuine, natural food. Our aim is to create a large temporary village where we can meet and know each other, start discussion groups, recharge our batteries and re-organize ourselves.

a new model to exchange goods and services, far from the old dynamics of money and infinite debt.
Health, Sport and Nutrition:
a new concept of health which may eliminate the boundaries between medicine and traditional wisdom, according to a holistic vision of human well-being arising from our primordial relation with nature and food.
Independence, sovereignty and self determination:
both personal and collective approaches bringing the individual back to a personal and collective autonomy and responsibility.
Environment and biodiversity:
a different pattern of the relationship between the ecosystem and the society, embracing the view of sustainability of all forms of life and species.
a renewed conception of science and knowledge, supported and guided by the awareness and by the feeling of the greater good.
a new model for industry and companies which may abandon the blind, disastrous dynamics of infinite growth of mining, production, consumption, industrial waste while giving dignity back to artisan traditions.
Education and teaching:
 a different view of school and training, which goes beyond competitive dynamics in favor of those encouraging collaboration and critical thinking over mere functioning, while enabling personal development.
new methods of production, distribution and consumption by which we can stop eroding and poisoning the planet while maintaining the benefits of progress and technology.
new institutional prospects to abandon the pattern of domination in favor of real service.